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Web Site Development

How I tested the art of Search Engine Optimization.

GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar
The first step to optimizing a website is to establish a website. My choice for hosting a website has been to use Go Daddy. It is fairly simple to purchase a domain and a hosting account with Go Daddy and for me it has been affordable. I usually choose the Linux account because I want to be able to develop the backend database in PHP.

I developed the logo and the tag line “Your Data When You Need It!” for the website.

logo for the QR DataBook

Your data when you need it.

There is an abundance of information from experts on how to optimized websites for search engines. The goal is to have a high ranking site so that those who are searching for information will be led to your site first. Some of my favorite sites for SEO articles are Hubspot, Sherpa and the Social Media Examiner. I have collected many articles from these sites and now I want to use this information to test the theories of the experts. Some web designers prefer to design the website then develop the Search Engine Optimization. My research has concluded that most exports agree that SEO is an integral piece of the website design and it should be incorporated from the beginning of the project’s process. Most websites are driven by content and content is the message or idea that is being delivered to the user. The design of the website will be driven by the most efficient way to deliver the content to the user. Once you have a clear understanding of what the website’s mission is the design is initiated from there and the parts of the website such as page titles, meta description tags and navigation will merely be a redundancy of your goal and will begin to establish your SEO direction.

I would like to add to my sources of information so if you have a site or know of a site that provides SEO information please feel free to post them in the comment.

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