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Likes, Pins, Follow Me

Likes, Pins, Follow Me

The social trend on LinkedIn groups is the promotion of exchanging Facebook Likes, Pinterest Repins and Twitter Follow Mes. The question I have for everyone is; Is it enough? How effective is this approach with Google pushing content and Facebook deleting “ Fake Likes” from accounts. How much engagement does this create in traffic and back links.

I think it is a good first step in developing traffic to your pages but I would suggest we carry it a step further. I would like to suggest that we exchange campaign marketing to develop cross promotion networking. This would be an exchange of meaningful content and the development of true content back linking. Consider the process that is accepted now, we have groups of SEO and SMM professionals who are asking other SEO and SMM professionals to exchange LIKEs; how does this help the promotion of products or services? Should’nt we as professionals be asking for exchanges that will benefit our clients? We should be engaging in exchanges that will serve our clients through cross promotions of marketing campaigns.

If a SMM manager has a client that wants to sell shoes and I have a client that wants to sell handbags, I would agree to follow the shoe client and would Tweet about the shoes with information exchanged from the SMM manager that follows the shoe campaign’s direction, and the SMM manager would do the same for my handbag client.

    The steps of Cross Promotion Exchange would be done in simple steps.

  • SMM manager request help with a client’s campaign
  • Campaign is described by product or service and marketing focus
  • Other SMM managers agree to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs and Pinterest or any other relevant media outlet
  • As part of the agreement the benefiting SMM manager agrees to recpricate for each manager who has posted for them

The big difference here is that LIKES, PINS, and FOLLOWS can still be exchanged but exchanged with content, engagement and purpose. The following list is a list of groups that I belong to on LinkedIn and as you can see there are over 500,000 members which is not a count of their possible clients. That is over 500,000 opportunities to cross promote marketing campaigns. The resources here are incredible and the ability to create a buzz for a client are almost without limits.

  • Inbound Marketers – For Marketing Professionals 83,692 members
  • Link Building and SEO UK 978 members
  • Media and Marketing Community 17,409 members
  • Pinterest Networking Group 828 members
  • SEO Professionals Group 3,123 members
  • Social Media Marketing 448,052 members
  • Twitter, Google-Plus, and Facebook for Sourcing and Recruiting 14,497 members
    • That is 568,579 members. There has to be someone else out there beside me who would like help to create a buzz for a client.

      If anyone in any of these groups would like to test this process out I am eager to provide my clients with true back linking content exchange. Got Buzz? Of course you could just LIKE ME.

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