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Do the Dog Bowl Test On Your Website

February 10, 2013 2 comments

Can your website stand up against the Dog Bowl Test?

Using the dog bowl test for websites

Implementation Of The Dog Bowl Test

If you want to drawl traffic to your website use the Dog Bowl Test to discover how effective your site is in attracting visits. If you are not familiar with the Dog Bowl Test read on to find out how you can implement this fool proof test for your site.

First get a dog, the bigger and hungrier the better. Then get a bowl, the size is not relative to the experiment. Next write the name of your website on the bowl, anywhere where it would be visible. Now place that bowl down in front of the big hungry waiting dog and observe.

    The reactions that you want to observe and record are:

  • Does the dog see the bowl
  • Does the dog approach the bowl
  • After the dog approaches the bowl
    • Does the dog seem interested
    • How long does the dog stay at the bowl
    • Does the dog just sniff and bounce away
    • Does the dog look up at you with the expression; “Is this it?”

After noting this data and recording it for reference, place something in the bowl. Preferably something you have observed that the dog has indicated it favors; something like kibble, something from your dinner plate like a nice juicy piece of steak.

Now observe the dog and record the same reactions as were in the previous step. Evaluate if the reactions are different and how they are different. The outcome of the test should indicate that unless there is something in the bowl that is a need of the dog, there would be very little interest in the bowl with a name on it. If your results are similar to the proposed outcome you should consider evaluating your site to ascertain if you are relying heavily on just name recognition or are you filling your website pages with content that delivers a need and fulfills an interest.

This experiment may be reproduced with a cat but most observations have concluded that cats are more finicky than dogs and may not take interest in your bowl not matter what you put in it.

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