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Google The Power and The Glory?

December 8, 2012 Leave a comment
The Begining of Google

The Power of Google

In the beginning there was chaos and randomness. Then Google said let there be order and then there was order and it was good and free.

Throughout the Land of Web, pages multiplied in the order that was given them and Google said this is good and I will be the one search engine that all shall follow. It soon came to pass that the number of faithful followers grew and Google said let there be my favorites who will rise above the others less faithful and earn their place in my ranks and so it was. However the favors bestowed upon those who achieved the coveted ranking of Google, created envy in those who were not so blessed and the unblessed grew discontented. The unblessed sought out the secrets of ranking and used the forbidden knowledge to seek Google’s approval and it was granted to those who used their newly found powers.

In the days that past Google looked down upon its creation and found those who had discovered its secrets were controlling the gifts of ranking for their own gains and Google became angry.

“This is not good.” said Google, “You have taken my gifts to you, fed on the knowledge of ranking and have forsaken your faithfulness to me.”

Google released a mighty plague upon all of the people of the Land of Web and took away the secrets known as keywords and alter forever the means of attaining its favorers. The great plague spread quickly throughout the Land of Web and smote down the ranking of those who thought they could control their placement on the pages of the Great and Powerful Google. The masters of the web trembled before the might of Google and fled in fear of the fierce hand that covered the Land of Web.

tower of bable for Google

The faithful erect idol sites.

For a time the Land of Web was covered in darkness and many of the masters of the web erected sites to appease the vengeance of Google. These sites grew in the images of Google and followed the commandments set down by the Great and Powerful Google.

There was quiet in the Land of Web and the pages of the masters of web became fruitful once more and multiplied. Google looked down upon what it had created and saw that the masters of web in the Land of Web had begun to thrive and grew wealthy from their labors and Google said;

“You have benefited from the gifts I have so generously bestowed upon you. I wish to honor the faithful among you by granting you a place closer to my side. If you wish to rank in my graces then you must pay homage to me. If the homage is worthy of my blessing I will grant you an equally valuable placement closer to my side.”

Many did pay homage and the faithful saw that they did earn a place closer to the all powerful Google. However as it was before it came to pass once more that there were those of the Land of Web who did not wish to pay homage but desired the placement next to the side of Google. It was discovered by those of little faith that if they could earn blessing from another master of the web that then they could benefit from the placement of others. They began to pay for these linked blessings to rise in the ranking of the Land of the Web.

Google creates Panda

Panda lays waste.

It came to pass as it had done before that Google looked down on the Land of the Web and grew angry that money was being exchanged for the favors of linking and again sent a mighty plague down upon the land. Many sites were laid to waste and Pandamonium spread across the Land of Web, much was loss. Google commanded that sites in the Land of Web must show that they are faithful and relevant in anchor tags, in backlinks and in content or suffer the punishment of exile to the 200th placement of the 20th page, never to be seen by the faithful masses again. The faithful masses looked up once more to find favor in the graces of the Great and Powerful Google. They cried out that content was king and long live content. Google was pleased and smiled down on the faithful masses that genuflected before it.

“I am pleased.” announced the Great and Powerful Google. “I will protect you from yourselves. I offer you encrypted searches. As long as you adorn your system with Chrome and authorize your searches with a login to all that is Google as all is Google, I will deliver your searches as Not Set and Not Provided to hide your queries from those who hope to profit from your desires and my secrets. All will be hidden, only Google will know the true meaning of your words. Only Google will be able to watch your movements, your thoughts, motives and desires. However if you pay homage to all that is Google as all is Google and it will be known as adwords, those words will be revealed to you and you may do with it as you will.”

And so it came to be and the keywords transformed to Not Set and Not Provided, hiding their intent from the faithless and Google rested.


How Accurate Is Google Ranking?

October 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Google has created a club that everyone wants to be a member of.


Every one using social media wants to be number one on Google or at least get to the first page and Google has devoted much of their press to creating the idea that Google ranking is important. However I had an interesting experience when discussing a social media campaign with a real estate client. I had completed some research on the client’s site with a keyword phrase through SEOMoz’s page ranking tool

logo for seomoz

SeoMoz’s page ranking tool. and determined that the real estate business was ranked numbered 45 for the phrase. Of course this means that anyone searching with the phrase would have to go through 44 listings before seeing the realtor and most web surfers would probably not search past the first three pages.

During my meeting with the realtor we accessed her site several times as I discussed and advised on improvements to design, content and engagement for the site. At the end we did a final search by the keyword phrase to check out the competition, surprisingly their site was listed at the third place spot on the first page.

I was a little surprised at this since we had not made any changes to the site until I saw under the listing there was the line showing “You have accessed this site 18 times.” It was the first time I had seen this line and it is a line that still does not show up for me in Internet Explorer, but it was obvious that the site had been moved up based on the usage either through the browser cache or through Google tracking the activity and displaying results based on the personal usage of that specific computer.

Which means the ranking of the site for that keyword search had not changed except for that user on that computer? Now you might just say “So what?” as I did, at the moment. However after thinking about it later I realized that this could be a devious tool in the wrong hands.

After all it would be possible to access a prospective client’s site before meeting with them on your own laptop, or IPad and rank the client’s site to the first page on your device. Then when you meet with the client asked them to do a search for their site on their device, talk about what you could change for them, pretend to make changes from your device and then do a search from your device and show them that they are now on the first page.

It is not something that I would do and I am sure no one else would do something so underhanded but I am just saying that there is more than one way to get into the Google club.

Likes, Pins, Follow Me

September 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Likes, Pins, Follow Me

The social trend on LinkedIn groups is the promotion of exchanging Facebook Likes, Pinterest Repins and Twitter Follow Mes. The question I have for everyone is; Is it enough? How effective is this approach with Google pushing content and Facebook deleting “ Fake Likes” from accounts. How much engagement does this create in traffic and back links.

I think it is a good first step in developing traffic to your pages but I would suggest we carry it a step further. I would like to suggest that we exchange campaign marketing to develop cross promotion networking. This would be an exchange of meaningful content and the development of true content back linking. Consider the process that is accepted now, we have groups of SEO and SMM professionals who are asking other SEO and SMM professionals to exchange LIKEs; how does this help the promotion of products or services? Should’nt we as professionals be asking for exchanges that will benefit our clients? We should be engaging in exchanges that will serve our clients through cross promotions of marketing campaigns.

If a SMM manager has a client that wants to sell shoes and I have a client that wants to sell handbags, I would agree to follow the shoe client and would Tweet about the shoes with information exchanged from the SMM manager that follows the shoe campaign’s direction, and the SMM manager would do the same for my handbag client.

    The steps of Cross Promotion Exchange would be done in simple steps.

  • SMM manager request help with a client’s campaign
  • Campaign is described by product or service and marketing focus
  • Other SMM managers agree to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs and Pinterest or any other relevant media outlet
  • As part of the agreement the benefiting SMM manager agrees to recpricate for each manager who has posted for them

The big difference here is that LIKES, PINS, and FOLLOWS can still be exchanged but exchanged with content, engagement and purpose. The following list is a list of groups that I belong to on LinkedIn and as you can see there are over 500,000 members which is not a count of their possible clients. That is over 500,000 opportunities to cross promote marketing campaigns. The resources here are incredible and the ability to create a buzz for a client are almost without limits.

  • Inbound Marketers – For Marketing Professionals 83,692 members
  • Link Building and SEO UK 978 members
  • Media and Marketing Community 17,409 members
  • Pinterest Networking Group 828 members
  • SEO Professionals Group 3,123 members
  • Social Media Marketing 448,052 members
  • Twitter, Google-Plus, and Facebook for Sourcing and Recruiting 14,497 members
    • That is 568,579 members. There has to be someone else out there beside me who would like help to create a buzz for a client.

      If anyone in any of these groups would like to test this process out I am eager to provide my clients with true back linking content exchange. Got Buzz? Of course you could just LIKE ME.

Screen Capture Made Easy

In the process of developing this project I needed a way to capture the website images. I thought I would be able to do this simply by using the “Print Screen Button” and pasting from the clipboard into the Word document. However there were some screen that I did not want to include the entire page and I decided to download a tool that will allow me to capture part of the screen.

I needed to download a tool to capture the images for illustrating this project. I have used CNET for most of my downloads because over the years I have not had any problems with their downloads. The downloads are reviewed and this gives you a good indication if others have had problems with the applications.

image of a captured area

Screen area captured

I found a Screen Capture application that was free. It is ScreenCapture. It is easy to use because of the very simple interface which consist of two buttons 1. Capture Area 2. Capture Screen. The program floats on top of the page and if you click on the Capture Screen button the application goes away for a few seconds and then reappears. It looks like nothing has been done but as the application did it’s disappearance act it copied the screen to the clipboard. All I had to do then was go into the Word Document and paste the image into my page. The Capture image works similar as the application disappears but this time it is replaced with a cross hair cursor which will allow you to select the portion of the screen you want to capture.

As soon as you have drawn your area by clicking and dragging then release the button you have the portion captured to the clipboard.

image shows a border around imgage to be captured

Captured area

If you want to save the image to a folder instead of the clipboard you can use the browse button to select a folder for saving the images.


Default is always the easiest but is not always the best decision to accept when setting up a computer. Yeah, you don’t have to think about it, you just accept the default setting and move on.

However when setting up user accounts on your system you will save your self some headaches later if you take the time to set up user accounts that avoid issues in the future.

Your system should have at least two accounts. An administrator account for the important task of implementing changes and updated systems, and one user account with restricted privileges for daily usage.

One reason for this is that some viruses will need your administrative privileges in order to become active on your system. If you are logged into the system with full privileges the virus will be able to do its thing, and without the privileges it will just sit in your document setting file, waiting for release.

Also logging into your system with restricted privileges will prevent you from making changes inadvertently to your system, that you may regret later.

The best thing about this is that it is simple to set up. This can all be done by accessing the start button, then the control panel, then users. Create a new account and check the box that indicates restricted user. Once the account is set up, create a password. I know most users would prefer not having to set up a password but then you never know when your second cousin Henry is going to show up and open files you would prefer that no one else would ever see. So of course it goes without saying, make sure your administrative account is password protected also.

I would suggest a third account for those who love to share things and this would be a guest account. This way if you are willing to share your system with cousin Henry, you don’t have to give away the farm by giving up your password. The guest can login without gaining access to your private files.

Sounds like a lot of hassle, too paranoid but then maybe you will not mine when your system crashes and you lose your life’s work. Priorities must be weighed, you decide.

Save often, Save always

Some people think of working on a computer file like writing a letter, when you finish the letter you sign your name. Unfortunately waiting until you finish a document before you save it can be disastrous. Of any advice I can give you the most important would be to save your work before you finish it. You should always save your progress and you should save it often. Anything can go wrong, you could experience a power outage, and if you have not save your work you will lose it.

I know there are auto-save, and there are backup saves if your computer does decide to shut down but remember it is a computer and you can not always rely on it behaving as you wish it would. You must depend on your self. So when you pause to rub your eyes or to think about what you will type next, hit the save button. You will not regret it.

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