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Default is always the easiest but is not always the best decision to accept when setting up a computer. Yeah, you don’t have to think about it, you just accept the default setting and move on.

However when setting up user accounts on your system you will save your self some headaches later if you take the time to set up user accounts that avoid issues in the future.

Your system should have at least two accounts. An administrator account for the important task of implementing changes and updated systems, and one user account with restricted privileges for daily usage.

One reason for this is that some viruses will need your administrative privileges in order to become active on your system. If you are logged into the system with full privileges the virus will be able to do its thing, and without the privileges it will just sit in your document setting file, waiting for release.

Also logging into your system with restricted privileges will prevent you from making changes inadvertently to your system, that you may regret later.

The best thing about this is that it is simple to set up. This can all be done by accessing the start button, then the control panel, then users. Create a new account and check the box that indicates restricted user. Once the account is set up, create a password. I know most users would prefer not having to set up a password but then you never know when your second cousin Henry is going to show up and open files you would prefer that no one else would ever see. So of course it goes without saying, make sure your administrative account is password protected also.

I would suggest a third account for those who love to share things and this would be a guest account. This way if you are willing to share your system with cousin Henry, you don’t have to give away the farm by giving up your password. The guest can login without gaining access to your private files.

Sounds like a lot of hassle, too paranoid but then maybe you will not mine when your system crashes and you lose your life’s work. Priorities must be weighed, you decide.

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