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The Medical Information Project Continues

April 17, 2012 4 comments

I had begun to think of how my father-in-law could carry his information with him without having to have a large document or to have to access the internet. I remember reading an article earlier about data being imbedded in a graphic symbol using a QR Code. The QR Code according to the article could hold up to four thousand characters and could be small enough to fit on a credit card size card.

I felt this could be a good solution for carrying medical information. It was convenient in size and the QR Code in its nature would offer some privacy since the information would have to be read using a QR reader. It would also allow the information to be shared without the need to connect to the internet. It would provide the carrier a personal database that could be carried on his or her person at all times.

The solution was convenient in size and easily accessible. The next steps would be to research QR Codes and to develop a system that would incorporate the code in a easily accessible form.


Traffic building through Search Engine Optimization

I have been collecting articles and information on how to develop Search Engine Optimization and using Social Networking to improve Page Ranking. I have decided to put all of this information to a test. This test will include the development of a project idea and the incorporating of Social Networking to improve Search Engine Optimization. I want to ascertain if a web site company follows the accepted advise will that company be able to build a noticeable development in page ranking and traffic creation to the site.

I will be posting about the development of this project and the steps I implement to drive traffic to a new site.

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